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Brain drain

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HU is a helluva game
  tachyonweb, Dec 02 2007

I played a session of heads up. It was pretty short but I ran like Ben Johnson in 1988. I honestly felt pretty bad for the guy. He was pretty tilted by the end, but to his credit, he never trash talked or got too upset. He stayed pretty long too...if I were in his shoes I would've left after the first two buyins.

Here are the big hands where I luckboxed like a true pro:

All in all I thought he was extremely aggressive post-flop, constantly c-betting and almost always following with a double barrel. He also jumped on any passivity in 3-bet pots and shoved a few times when he sensed I was weak. So other than the occasional 3/4bet I pretty much just waited for a hand. Without catching the cards this would've been pretty tough.

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  tachyonweb, Nov 19 2007

Well I've been playing some 100NL HU just for fun. I'm probably underrolled, but whatever. I'll learn my lesson soon enough. I played this guy for an hour. After 5 mins he asked me to leave because I "knew what I was doing" and thus he didn't feel he had an edge. Against all logic, I politely declined and he sat out for a while before coming back as another incarnation of himself. One that was really bad at trash talking. So after an hour, I had to leave to study (which I'm clearly doing now).

LostOn5thst: hit and run
Dealer: Hand #4233791764 has been canceled
LostOn5thst: what a pussy
tachyonweb: dude
tachyonweb: i'm not playing anymore
LostOn5thst: k then gtfo
tachyonweb: you don't have to show your lack of intellect anymore
tachyonweb: -_-
LostOn5thst: congrats on the buy in im still up 2
tachyonweb: just cuz i like you
tachyonweb: i'll watch you and your huge stack
tachyonweb: until i can't stand it anymore
LostOn5thst: a statement cant confirm any stronger that you have
no life
tachyonweb: true
tachyonweb: not much life in med school
LostOn5thst: I have about 10 friends in med school and they have a
tachyonweb: i see
tachyonweb: and what do you do?
LostOn5thst: hospitality managment major
tachyonweb: then you should definitely have a life
LostOn5thst: care to play 1/2 doc?

Wow, someone thought I was important enough to challenge to a heads up match at higher stakes. Unfortunately I once again had to politely decline. To study you see. Maybe next time.

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April Review and May Preview
  tachyonweb, May 01 2007

April was a mixed bag for me. I’ve been on a heater, running at 10 PTBB/100 at 50 NL. But I only played 8000 (!) hands. A lot of it was just a lack of time, but it is kind of embarrassing considering some people can do that in a day. As for my play during those hands, I’d give myself a B. There are still spots where I am pretty confused, and I know my lines can be overly passive in spots I consider to be marginal. I feel confident in most of my play, but I can’t help but think what a great player could have done with the exact same 8000 hands.

My goals for May: I want to play at least 15k hands and move up to 100NL when my bankroll hits 2500. That’ll take a pretty good month, but it’d be great to be there by the time I leave my job at the end of May.

I’m also considering joining CardRunners because it just sounds like it will be extremely helpful, especially if I manage to get to the mid stakes. It’s also been well-reviewed by a number of people here at LP. But I’m indecisive as hell, so I’d like some more feedback/reinforcement. If you have CR, is it worth it? It has gotten rather expensive…might it be more cost-effective to just become a first level member and buy the videos separately?

Also, does anyone know a site that sells FTP hand histories? I’m at the point where I’d rather pay a small amount for complete histories and not have to bother with datamining.

That is all. Here's to a good month.

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